Sports & the Performing Arts

JGI Schools have a structured curriculum for Sports & the Performing Arts, which includes both inside and outside classroom experiences. We introduce the child to education beyond the classroom through indoor sports, outdoor sports and performing art activities. At JGI Schools we create a difference by integrating SPA (Sports & the Performing Arts) curriculum with in-classroom learning. JGI Schools offer children a mix of activities around the year to develop the various aspects of a child’s personality and physical well being. Students have the opportunity to explore a range of activities offered under the umbrella of Sports and Performing Arts (SPA), such as swimming, chess, yoga, tennis, basketball, football, dramatics, music, dance, skating, karate, art and gymnastics. At the primary level, this programme helps in developing physical fitness. These fundamentals are further developed through the secondary level, where students gear up to learn diverse activities which stand them in good stead for the future.

At JGI Schools, We expose the child to focus on various transferable skills that highlights the Four Cs: Critical Reflection, Collaboration ,Creativity and Communication facilitating the development of kinesthetic and spatial skills, identify the inherent capability of the child in selected sports and provide specialised training in those areas and provide a platform for the child to excel in a sport/performing art and represent the school in inter-school and state level competitions It is a holistic approach with an emphasis on multi-tasking to tap the talent in different disciplines. . Qualified trainers help students identify and develop their core strengths. The programme also aids students to express their emotions in a healthy and creative way. Sports and Performing Arts Programme is all about identifying and developing a passion and students in the process develop their ability to collaborate, be good team players, strive to improve performance and aspire for victory.